Kenyon Radio



01) Introduction
02) WARNING!!!
03) Assessment
04) The Plan
05) Cabinet Refinishing
06) Re-CAPing The Radio
07) Chassis Clean up & Dial Cord Replacement
08) Dial Lamp & Speaker
09) The Vacuum Tubes
10) Dial Scale Pointer
11) First Power ON Test!
12) Dial Scale Remake
13) More Thoughts on the Bells & Whistles
14) Dial Scale Position Sensor for the MP3 Player
15) The Audio Switching Circuit & Power for the Arduino
16) New Dial Scale
17) Programming the Arduino
18) Making the Dial Scale Frame
19) Hammering the Bell accent from a sheet of Brass
21) Photo / Video Gallery
22) List of Resources

UPDATE! – This build was featured on the HackADay website on the 2nd of May 2013!! I am humbled by the comments made there and very excited that the project is well received! I hope that others will gather inspiration from it! And for those that make it here, I originally created this website to gather information about my family history. So please check out the home page and if you know of someone with one of the family names listed, please point them this direction. I am particularly interested in anyone that might know more about the Kenyon family history. Cheers! 🙂

Before and After

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