Howdy family and friends! 🙂  Welcome to the site I put together as a central place for some of the odds and ends related to me. Some of the topics on this site have nothing to with each other directly with the exception that they are something I am interested in or one of my many projects or hobbies and I just wanted to get some information on the internet to share with others that might find it useful. There is lots of genealogy and family history information and photos related to the the Kenyon and Ross families (and probably a few side families as well… see list of names at the bottom of this page!).  That part can be accessed in more detail if you are a family member. I also have detailed information of an old AM Tube radio restoration I did with a family heirloom that was purchased in 1946. And I am starting to get some information on this site related to a few VW kit cars that I own that are fashioned after a 1927 Bugatti Type 35C. My name is Michael Ross and you can read a bit more about me on the “About” page.

If you are a family member or have a good reason to access the genealogy information I have on this site, just send me an email with info about who you are and I will get you in. This is just so that I can keep identity thieves and spammers out of the mix. If I don’t know who you are, then of course I will need you to send me a really good reason for needing access to this site, but if you are family or friends of family, you will get in quickly! Log In HERE (You can also read detailed instructions and register a new account from this link)

So far we have a few family members that are actively contributing content to the site. So a huge “Thanks” is in order to the following people!

Irene Kenyon Rodriguez
Kathy Tracy Kenyon
Peggy Lorraine Kenyon Ross
Ed Totman

Without their research and involvement, this site would not be close to what it has become!  And I think Irene has a ton more information that she has spent countless hours on.  I am hoping she will get some time to help out with it more soon.   At the bottom of this page you will find a list of family names that this website contains information and photos on. This is not an all inclusive list and I will be adding to it as I get more information on the site. This is primarily a keyword list so that search engines can index the names for searching as well.


Keywords: Genealogy Family Tree History Ancestry Ancestors

Family Names: Ross Kenyon Bennerscheidt Benner Benners Shelton Crabtree Tucker Farrar Turner Wilt Balz Showalter Zimmerman Totman Stolz Kirkhoff

Locations: Indiana Germany England Ireland Scotland California