Registration Instructions

New Account Registration Instructions

Registration for this site is fairly painless. However, you can register for the site but will not gain full access until your need to access the site has been verified. If you are a direct family member, I will get you in quickly. However, if I do not know who you are by name, you can either send me an email explaining who you are and why you want access to the site, or you can wait until I contact you by the email address you provide during registration so that I can verify who you are.

Here are the instructions for registration to this site.

1) Go to the Register For this site page by clicking on THIS LINK.
2) When you click on the link above, a WordPress Registration page will be displayed asking for your Username and Password.
3) Type in your preferred UserID (preferably your first or first and last name with no spaces) and also type in your email address in the appropriate fields. This must be a valid email address since your password will be emailed to you at this address.
4) When you have the information filled out, press the Register Button that is in the lower right corner of the box displayed on the page.
5) Retrieve your log in information from the email sent to your email address.
6) Go to the Log In page for the site by clicking on THIS LINK.
7) Type in your Username and the password from the email and press the Log In button to complete your log in to the site. (Note: The password is case sensitive!)
8) You will be taken to a Profile Page where you can then add further information about yourself and also change your password to something a little easier to remember if you wish.
9) If you have any problems getting signed up or into the site, please do not hesitate to contact me.