Vintage 1946 Sonora AM Radio Restoration – 08 – Dial Lamp and Speaker


Dial Lamp and speaker:

The original Dial Lamp and socket was completely missing from the radio so I had to find replacements. The Schematic told me that the bulb was a standard No 47 bulb which is a very common bulb. It is a 6.3 volt bayonet type miniature lamp and can be found at a number of different places. After a bit of research, I found the bulb and bayonet type socket for the bulb mount at a local electronics surplus supply business. I wired the bulb socket to the locations marked on the schematic and inserted a new bulb into the socket. I also soldered the speaker back into place and mounted the speaker back to the chassis.

No 47 Dial Lamp bulb
2013-04-03 20.36.38

Here is the bulb in the mount with the wiring attached.
2013-04-03 20.37.59

And here is where it was connected to the radio
2013-04-03 20.38.26

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