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One of my many hobbies is tinkering with old Volkswagens… and more specifically, old VW kit cars! At the moment I have two Bugatti Type 35 Boat Tail Speedsters and one of my sons has a 1966 Baja Bug. I use to have old VW Bugs when I was in High School and the “Bug” never quite went away. I have always been in love with the design of the old Bugatti Boat Tail so these Bugatti kit cars sort of allowed me to marry the two into one hobby. I have owned the red Bugatti shown above for several years and I just recently purchased the yellow one from a cool guy in Waco, Texas. The yellow one (pictured below with the original builder) is a one family owned car and was built by the step father of the gentleman that I purchased it from. The exciting part about it is that he also had all the original paperwork, records, price lists, and manuals that the kit came with back in the 70’s! All of that will soon be scanned and made available on this site! I haven’t been able to find much information like this on the internet so hopefully it will come in handy for someone that may be in the process of completing an old car that was started and never finished, or even one that was never started!

I have done quite a bit of work to the red one with the most extensive changes being a full dashboard / instrument replacement and it will soon have a much more powerful 1776cc Dual Port engine to give it the Horsepower in the range that the original Bugatti Type 35s had back in 1927 with their supercharged 6 cylinder engines.

I am trying to decide what to do with the yellow Bugatti at the moment. I am really not much on yellow cars so it either has to go or go through a complete restoration and color change in the process. Hmmmm… maybe a bright Blue with White or bright Yellow wheels and interior is in order! Ha!

These cars are simply a blast to drive! I often refer to them as an adult sized Go-Kart! One with LOTS and LOTS of power! 😉 Look at it this way… A standard VW motor had enough power to push around a Bug at highway speeds with no problems. Granted, you would never win any races with one but it is good enough for daily commutes. Now, take the body of that Bug off the floor pan, then trim the floor pan off on each side to lose some more weight. And then put a fiberglass shell back on the car instead of that heavy Bug body! Those little engines have no pushing something like that around! And quite quickly I might add! 🙂 And I won’t even get into all the looks and thumbs up you get driving one of these around!

One other thing I will be adding to this page will be pics of some of the many VW parts that I have and would be willing to get rid of.

Stay tuned!



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02) The Red Bugatti (Bay)
03) The Yellow Bugatti (A&C)

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